The wraparound practice model is a promising approach targeting children, youth and families with severe emotional or behavioral needs. It is an ecologically based process and approach to care planning that builds on the collective action of a committed group of family, friends, community, professional and cross-system supports mobilizing resources and talents from a variety of sources resulting in the creation of a plan of care that is the best fit between the family vision and story, team mission, strengths, needs and strategies. During the wraparound process, the youth and family team works collaboratively utilizing the strengths of the team and community to develop an individualized plan of care for the youth and caregivers. The team meets to implement this plan, monitor the efficacy of the plan and work towards success over time. People in a variety of different roles — both formal and informal — play important roles in carrying out the wraparound process with families and their children.

This web-based training is intended to provide participants with a broad overview of wraparound. The intended audience for this webinar includes anyone involved with children or youth programs or services interested in learning about how wraparound is used as part of a continuum of care for family and youth in a system of care framework. This web – based training is required to be completed by all YES providers in accordance with DSHS credentialing standards.

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What’s This Thing Called Wraparound

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