This web-based training is intended to provide participants with a broad overview on why it is important to spend time to prepare your organization for wraparound implementation, introduce participants to some practical tools in how to do this, and an overview of the organizational benefits. The intended audience includes organizational leaders interested in learning about how to prepare organizations for wraparound, organizational staff trying to implement wraparound, and other wraparound stake holders interested in what the effort entails. A certificate of attendance verification can be downloaded upon completion of the survey.

View the webinar below or directly on YouTube. After finishing, please complete this survey.


  • Please note that you must print the certificate immediately as the date on the certificate reflects the date it is printed. It is the responsibility of the viewer to print and file their certificate.
  • Some of the links in the video may be outdated. Please refer to this web page for the most current information and links.
  • If you would like further assistance from the institute on how to implement wraparound, please email

Download the slides.

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