Previously known as the Texas System of Care Consortium


The 83rd regular legislative session established the Texas System of Care Consortium to help improve the coordination of state services for children. This statute, Texas Government Code, Section 531.251, amended previous statute that originated with the 76th regular legislative session.  The original statute required that pilots be developed to demonstrate local mental health systems of care for children and youth with serious mental health challenges and their families.  The recently amended statute moves toward statewide implementation of what has been demonstrated and expounded through a comprehensive strategic plan through a system of care framework or approach.

The Sunset Commission recommended to the 84th Legislature that advisory groups be consolidated. Heeding their recommendations, the Consortium and the Texas Children Recovering from Trauma committee combined into one Children and Youth Behavioral Health Subcommittee to the Behavioral Health Advisory Committee. This committee will serve as the primary advisory voice to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission for issues related to mental health and substance use for Texans of all ages.


The Texas System of Care developed a vision and mission under the comprehensive strategic plan. That vision and mission is: All Texas children have access to high quality mental health care that is family-driven, youth-guided, community-based, culturally-grounded and sustainable.


To strengthen the collaboration of state and local efforts to weave mental health supports and services into seamless systems of care for children, youth and their families.

Texas Health and Human Services Commission Lead Staff

Lillian Stengart, Project Director
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