System of Care 101 Webinar

Originally Aired Thursday, May 3, 2012

The System of Care 101 webinar provides an overview of the core values and key components of System of Care from the theoretical, practitioner, community and family points of view. The intended audience for this webinar includes anyone involved with children or youth programs or services interested in learning about a System of Care service delivery approach, including service providers the field of mental health, juvenile justice, child welfare, education, as well as youth, family members and advocacy organizations. The webinar begins with Texas System of Care project director, Sherri Hammack providing an overview of System of Care.

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System of Care for Children’s Mental Health

Children’s Partnership – System of Care Values in Action

Mental Health Connection – Building a System of Care

Texas Panhandle Centers – System of Care: Why?

System of Care Definition

Strategies for Expanding SOC Approach (Stroul, Friedman 2011)

Ten Principles of the Wraparound Process

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