Family-driven care honors and respects the life that every child lives as a part of a family and community. Providers recognize that every family is unique – with its own dreams, vision, values, traditions, preferences, and strengths. Family-driven practices require staff to work to engage families – without judgement – and empower them to make informed choices and decisions and lead the development of a care plan based on their unique needs and strengths. In the Family-Driven Care chapter of Residential Interventions for Children, Adolescents, and Families: A Best Practice Guide, authors Jo Anne Hust and Anne Kuppinger identify key categories of family-driven practices, including:

  • A compassionate admissions process
  • Partnering with families
  • Keeping the family in the parenting role
  • Valuing and supporting family time together
  • Nurturing natural supports
  • Improving cultural and linguistic competence
  • Providing services in the community while the family is receiving residential interventions
  • Focusing on long-term success at home

Selected Resources

Tip Sheet for Families Considering a Residential Program– Brief Version (Spanish) (BBI)

Tip Sheet for Families Considering a Residential Program – Expanded (Spanish) (BBI)

Engage Us: A Guide Written by Families for Residential Providers (April, 2012)

Embracing Family-Driven Care (Massachusetts Dept of Mental Health, 2012)

Successfully Engaging Families Formed through Adoption: Strategies for Residential Leaders (September, 2017)

Collaborative Family Engagement: A Promising Approach to Supporting Children in State Care (CFRP Policy Brief, 2017)