The Texas Building Bridges Initiative (TxBBI) is a partnership between Texas System of Care, Texas Health and Human Services Commission, the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services, and the Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health. TxBBI, is committed to creating strong, coordinated partnerships between families, youth, community and residential treatment providers, and policy makers to ensure that comprehensive services and supports are family-driven, youth-guided, strengths-based, culturally and linguistically competent, individualized, evidence informed, and consistent with research on sustained positive outcomes. TX BBI is partnering with Texas residential program leaders to explore the use of promising, best, and evidence-informed practices that promote sustained positive outcomes post-residential discharge for youth and families.

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Watch a brief video to learn more from one of the 2016 TxBBI organizations!

Texas Training Resources
Webinar 1: Moving from Controlling Practices to Collaboration
Webinar 2: Partnering with Families through Family-Driven Practices
Webinar 3: Residential and Child Welfare Partnerships toward Ensuring Permanent Connections
Webinar 4: Successfully Engaging and Partnering with Families

2018 Texas Building Bridges Presentation

Key Readings
Residential Interventions for Children, Adolescents, and Families (book)
Implementing Effective Short-term Residential Interventions (pdf)

Core Aspects of Building Bridges and Key Resources
Click on the links below to learn more about core aspects of the BBI work and key resources for further information and guidance.

Residential Treatment Culture and Administration
Trauma-Informed Practices
Family Driven Practices
Youth Guided (Coming Soon!)
Community Collaboration
Cultural and Linguistic Competence

Texas Implementation Resources

TxBBI Organizational Assessment (pdf)
TxBBI Data Worksheet (pdf)