supported employment young adults smiling

Texas System of Care is kicking off an initiative to pilot supported employment for transition-age youth ages 16 – 25. The Individual Placement and Supports (IPS) model has been demonstrated to be an effective practice for adults with mental health challenges and shown promise with a subset of adolescents and young adults. In partnership with the IPS developers, Thresholds Inc. has developed the IPS model to specifically address the needs of transition age youth. We will support implementation at four communities over a two-year period through access to training, coaching and fidelity monitoring through model experts from Thresholds.

The communities are:

  • Harris Center for Mental Health and IDD
  • Bluebonnet Trails Community Services
  • Heart of Texas Region MHMR Center
  • Paving the Way Collaborative Organizations

As a part of the pilot we will be providing direct technical assistance to the above sites with the goal of growing competence to provide state-wide expertise on the following areas:

  • The Individual Placement & Support (IPS) model
  • Adaptations to IPS for Transition Age Youth (TAY)
  • TAY Engagement Strategies
  • Youth/Young Adult Peer Support
  • Program design/logic modeling to integrate ideas into practice
  • Billing options based on system involvement (1915 c waiver, Medicaid, DARS, DFPS, TJJD, and others).


Established in 1959, Thresholds provides healthcare, housing, and hope for thousands of persons with mental illnesses in Greater Chicago every year. Thresholds is one of the largest and most revolutionary community mental health centers in the United States. They exemplify recovery and consumer driven care and have a track record for piloting and testing budding evidence-based practices. Working along side Thresholds’ Research and Evaluation Center, and their clinical experts in IPS and transition age youth, TIEMH will partner to build the capacity of Texas to improve services for transition age youth.

Stay tuned for more information and please reach out to Deborah Cohen at with any questions.