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The Texas System of Care leads the implementation of various readiness building initiatives across the state of Texas. These initiatives support the mission and vision of Texas System of Care.

Initiatives include:


The wraparound practice model is a promising approach targeting children, youth, and families with severe emotional or behavioral needs. Based in an ecological model, wraparound draws upon the strengths and resources of a committed group of family, friends, professionals, and community members. Wraparound mobilizes resources and talents from a variety of sources resulting in the creation of a plan of care that is the best fit between the family vision and story, team mission, strengths, needs, and strategies. During the wraparound process, the youth and family team works collaboratively, utilizing the strengths of the youth and their family, to develop an individualized plan of care for the youth and caregivers. The team meets over time to implement this plan, monitor its effectiveness and work towards success. Providing comprehensive care through the wraparound process requires a high degree of collaboration and coordination among the child- and family-serving agencies and organizations in a community. The values of wraparound are aligned with the system of care framework.

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Youth Empowerment Services Waiver 

The YES (Youth Empowerment Services) Waiver is a Medicaid Home and Community-Based Services Waiver that allows for more flexibility in the funding of intensive community-based services to assist children and adolescents with serious emotional disturbances (SED) to live in the community with their families. Waiver services are provided in combination with services available through the Medicaid State Plan, other federal, state, and local programs the individual may qualify for, and the natural supports that families and communities provide.

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Trauma Informed Care

The aim of this project is to transform community behavioral health services in Texas into a trauma-informed care system that fosters resiliency and recovery. The State has been tasked with developing policies that build a solid foundation for delivering evidence-based mental health and related services; fostering recovery; improving quality of life; and meeting the needs of Texas mental health consumers across life spans.

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Youth Engagement

Youth voice and youth-driven care are core values of System of Care. Youth are full partners in all aspects of the planning and delivery of their own services and in the policies and procedures that govern care for all children and youth in their community, state, territory, tribe and nation. The Texas System of Care is currently working with Allies Cultivating Change by Empowering Positive Transformation (ACCEPT). ACCEPT is a cross-system group of youth and young adults from throughout the state that work together for system transformation by supporting partnerships between, youth, young adults, and organizations. Members use their lived experience in these systems and that of their peers to help inform and drive system improvements. We also offer training and consultation to various youth-serving agencies and systems throughout the state on the importance of including youth voice and how to do so in meaningful, authentic ways.

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Supported Employment 

Texas System of Care is kicking off an initiative to pilot supported employment for transition-age youth ages 16 – 25. The Individual Placement and Supports (IPS) model has been demonstrated to be an effective practice for adults with mental health challenges and shown promise with a subset of adolescents and young adults. In partnership with the IPS developers, Thresholds Inc. has developed the IPS model to specifically address the needs of transition age youth. We will support implementation at four communities over a two-year period through access to training, coaching and fidelity monitoring through model experts from Thresholds.

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Building Bridges Initiative

The goal of the Building Bridges Initiative is to create partnerships between System of Care communities and residential service providers. Texas is partnering with the national Initiative to bring training, technical assistance, and support to providers across the state.