Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day | May 2017

Communities across the State are working to create a statewide event for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day

Communities statewide will release live or paper wind-up butterflies in May. The butterflies will represent
freedom from stigma, and hope and beauty after a long, hard journey. Communities can make this event as big or small as they would like and could even incorporate it into an existing event.

Examples of how communities can participate:

  • Participate in planning calls
  • Hold a butterfly release event or incorporate the butterfly release into other activities being conducted
  • Create a press release, using a template and take it to the local media
  • Work with the city and county government to have a Children’s Mental Health Awareness Day proclamation
  • Help document the impact of the event by sharing photos, videos or publicity

We are reaching out to various communities throughout the State of Texas.To participate or for questions, please contact Jameson Cardenas at or Kay Barkin at

Promote Hope … Rise from Stigma

Check back to learn more about #Flight2FreedomTX and what communities across Texas are doing for Children’s Mental Health Awareness Month this May.