Texas System of Care CLC (Cultural and Linguistic Competency) Podcasts are intended to take a deeper dive into clinical considerations of working with various populations. Each new series focuses on a different community that has been previously discussed in an episode of our webinar series, the ABC’s of CLC (we recommend viewing our webinar for the specific community discussed before tuning into our podcast series to clarify terms and phrases used during the recording).

Series 1: Latino Communities [Complete]

  • Access the ABC’s of CLC: Latino Communities webinar here.
  • Special guest: Dr. Manuel X. Zamarripa, PhD, LPC-S (South University, Austin, TX)

Series 2: LGBTQ+ Communities [Complete]

  • Access the ABC’s of CLC: LGBTQ+ Communities webinar here.
  • Special guest: Sarah Kapostasy, MA (Out Youth, Austin, TX)

Series 3: Persons Living with Disabilities [Complete]

  • Access the ABC’s of CLC: Persons Living with Disabilities webinar here.
  • Special guest: Michelle Garcia, Psy.D. (Michelle Garcia, Psy.D. & Associates, The Woodlands, TX)