Learn more about the work of Dr. Deborah Cohen, a researcher at the Texas Institute for Excellence in Mental Health, and the Heart of Texas System of Care are doing to develop solutions to address this transition gap in Texas.

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Seventy-five percent of adults with a serious mental illness report that their symptoms began before their 25th birthday. During those crucial years, individuals served by the public mental health system are transitioning from the children’s service delivery system into adult services. Research shows there are many potential barriers during this transition causing many individuals to drop out or to cease being eligible to receive services.

“There is a growing literature on best practices to engage youth and young adults in mental health services that highlights the importance of focusing on their goals regarding what is important at this age: employment, education, and independent living.”

We’re thankful for Heart of Texas’ work, and we look forward to collectively reaching our goal of ensuring that the mental health system promotes hope and the individual pursuit of dreams!