To access all 2019 Texas System of Care (TXSOC) & Community Resource Coordination Groups (CRCG) Conference resources, download this ZIP file.

What’s Included

Conference Presentations

  1. Keynote Address: Transforming Children’s Behavioral Health (Manley)
  2. Be The Voice: Raising Community Awareness for Child and Youth Mental Health (Cardenas & Hughes)
  3. Rural Life and Collaboration: The Importance of Collaboration (Gorham, Lopez & Buck)
  4. Building a Nimble System of Care: The Power of Connecting the Dots (Manley)
  5. Using a Network Approach to Build Integrated ROSCs for Adolescents and Emerging Adults (McElrath & Sherman)
  6. Building An Infant and Early Childhood System of Care (Lopez & Gursslin)
  7. Building Collaborative Partnerships in Your Community (Kirk)
  8. If You Give A Youth A Voice: Lessons Learned from Early Adopters of Youth Engagement (Wilson)
  9. An Oasis in the Texas Desert: Youth Crisis Respite (McAdams, Kirbie, Ramirez & Thompson)
  10. Learning How to Braid: System of Care and CRCG Under One Value System (Hartman, Kirk & Reyes)
  11. Breaking Youth Out of the Box (ACCEPT Members)
  12. Know Your R.O.L.E. (Spinelli)

Handouts and Resources

  1. Conference Program