The 2018 Children’s and Adults Mental Health Awareness Creative Arts Contest brought in 188 youth entries and 336 total entries (new records!) from across the state. It was really tough to judge.

Below are this year’s youth winners. Thank you all for participating, and we look forward to seeing your work next year! The parents/guardians of the winners will be notified during the week of 5/8 and 5/15.

Click here to see adult winners.


Elementary Poster Art

1st Place: Michael S., “My Anger”

2nd Place: Kaylee M., “Untitled”

3rd Place: Daelynn P., “Growth Mind Set”



Elementary Creative Writing

1st Place: Brock L., “Fruit for the Soul”

Read Brock’s entry

2nd Place: Karrah M., “Emotions”

Read Karrah’s entry

3rd Place: Harmonie F., “My ‘Sissy’ on the Outside”

Read Harmonie’s entry



Middle School Poster Art

1st Place: Victoria B., “The Last Balloon”

2nd Place: Marisa R., “Once I was lost but now I am found”

3rd Place: Mariana R., “My Depression”

Honorable Mentions:



Middle School Creative Writing

1st Place: Cadence S., “Mental Health”

Read Cadence’s entry

2nd Place: Anna M., “Facade”

Read Kaden’s entry

3rd Place: Heaven P., “One Wish”

Read Heaven’s entry


High School Poster Art

1st Place: Marc M., “Madison’s World”

2nd Place: Marceli O., Untitled

3rd Place: M.D., “Bloom”

Honorable Mentions:



High School Creative Writing

1st Place: Jill S., “To From”

Read Jill’s entry

2nd Place: Shanti K., “An Eternity Without Guilts”

Read Shanti’s entry

3rd Place: Micah F., “Melancholy Blue”

Read Micah’s entry



Photography (Combined Children and Adults)

1st Place: Madeleine C. (high school), “Girlhood”

2nd Place: Madeline P. (high school), “The Duality of Our Mental Health”

3rd Place: Cindy Kovar (adult), “Be With Someone Who Is Good for Your Mental Health”



Video (Combined Children and Adults)

1st Place: Emma A. & Naida D. (elementary school), “Why Mental Health Matters”

Why Mental Health Matters from David Daniel on Vimeo.