Poster Art

1st Place: Kirsten Guerrero, “Proceed as Normal”

2nd Place: Alejandra Rodriguez, “Daisy Chains”

3rd Place: David Piña, “Birds”



Creative Writing

1st Place: Deborah Elkins-Rosales, “Will the Dyslexic Eagle”

Read Deborah’s entry

2nd Place: Heather Sin, “Sutures”

Read Heather’s entry

3rd Place: Jennet Sullivan, “An Ode to My Loves”

Read Jennet’s entry



Photography (Combined Children and Adults)

1st Place: Madeleine C. (high school), “Girlhood”

2nd Place: Madeline P. (high school), “The Duality of Our Mental Health”

3rd Place: Cindy Kovar (adult), “Be With Someone Who Is Good for Your Mental Health”



Video (Combined Children and Adults)

1st Place: Emma A. & Naida D. (elementary school), “Why Mental Health Matters”

Why Mental Health Matters from David Daniel on Vimeo.